Custodian - Ken Jeffcott 



Hi!  My name is Ken Jeffcott.  I'm the Custodial Engineer here at St. John.  The less educated refer to me as the "janitor".  I've been in charge of commodes here for five years and under my watch not a one has gone missing.

My wife, LaTrecia, of 38 years and I moved back to Texas in 2003.  We had been living the "easy" life in Hot Springs Village.  A retirement community in Arkansas.  One day LaTrecia said "Let's move back to Texas"...she is, after all, a daughter of the Republic."  She went on to declare "We will buy a old farm house and fix it will be fun!"  Thirteen years later we're still having "fun".  We have 5 children, fifteen grandchildren, and four great grand children.

It was also thirteen years ago that we joined St. John.  We were Lutherans so we visited the local Lutheran church (St. John)...and we never looked back!  We found ourselves in the midst of the most wonderful and friendly people.  The Lord has truly blessed us with St. John.  If you've never been to St. John we're open on Sunday and if you come will be blessed.