Fit for Life

Fit for Life (Adult Course)-Fit for Life in Christ is a 10-12 week adult confirmation course that presents the Word of God from a distinctly Lutheran worldview: "justification by grace through faith in Christ." Sometimes considered Christianity 101 from the Lutheran perspective. We cover an entire myriad of theological concepts, traditions, various denominations, etc. Most of the major questions about the faith are covered in some form or fashion. There is a emphasis on Communion, Baptism, the Creeds, and what living the Christian life actually looks like in real time.

The course is designed for those who have been in the church as a "refresher" course, those who are considering joining our fellowship, and those who are new to the concept of Church/Christ. No matter where one is in the walk of faith, the course is a successful endeavor. The class is offered once in the fall and once in the spring. Come join us! Babysitting and dinner are provided.


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